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tv   News  Al Jazeera America  August 23, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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i'm richelle carey. here is the latest from al jazeera. as world powers debate what to do in syria, the un says a million children are now refugees because of the conflict. dozens of people are dead in northern will be -- lebanon. and more vacations in california as the fire continues to grow at an alarming rate. ♪ three years into the war in syria, diplomatic efforts have
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gone nowhere. more than a million syrian children are now ref geese. russia has joined the u.s. and other countries in calling for an independent un probe in the alleged chemical weapon's attack near damascus. we begin with a look at this refugee crisis in syria from an refugee camp. >> reporter: for a million syrian children this is now their life. abraham is ten years old. he likes to tease his sister. he arrived in the camp a few days ago, and so far it is one big adventure, but he says he has seen a lot. >> translator: we fled shelling and bombings. we were scared and ran away.
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we were being bombed and they just destroyed us. and now we are here. i just want to go back to my school and my friends. >> reporter: 10,000 children have arrived here since thursday. >> and now they are identifying all of the children of their schoolage and also the children with special needs, so this information will be relate -- will be relayed to unicef, and unicef after will work on them regularly. >> reporter: this camp has a long way to go before it is ready to deal with the needs of children. for now the children help out as best they can. it's a very grim picture here, and so is this un report. the big problem is going to be the psychological effects on the children. what unicef has said is they are seeing the kinds of effects that they have seen across the
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region, not just here. children clinging on to their morts, being unable to speak. others simply lying in their tents scared, frightened and unable to move. i have seen the effects. dealing with it long term is going to be the key. they have to bring in schools and child sick -- psychologists and all of that will take time. they have been seeing nearly 3,000 cross the border a day. at this moment they have about 192,000 refugees living in the area. about 25% are children. the numbers are just huge. president obama has expressed grave concern over the alleged gassing of hundreds of syrian civilians, but remains reluctant to intervene.
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siting budget constraints, unclear evidence, and also resentment in the region. so we turn to mike viqueira. what options does the president have? >> and one dynamic is simply war fatigue on the part of the american public. he president said the situation is very troublesome, and he says core american national interests are at steak, but he said it is best to have an international mandate, preferably working through the united nations because interventions can cause resentment in the region. the president has explicitly and implicitly sited the iraq war conflict. he has repeatedly cautioned drawing parallels to syria on
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going in on false premises. obviously chemical weapons appear to have been used in syria. and the president says . . . so clearly a policy and public hangover over the past ten years after america has been embroiled in wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> clearly the u.s. and russia have not seen eye to eye much. but at this point even russia is saying let someone take a look
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at this most recent situation. is that possibly an opening for the u.s. and russia to cooperate on something? >> i think it certainly is, and i think it's part of a consequence of the impact of those horrifying pictures, and everybody agrees they are shocking, horrifying, coming out of syria. now russia has said that they will encourage the assad regime to allow those un inspectors on-site. russia has also said it is up to the opposition forces to allow those un inspectors to have access to the cites. >> mike viqueira thank you. we'll talk to you again soon. at least 27 people are dead and hundreds are injured after two bombs exploded outside of two mosques in northern lebanon. al jazeera is on the ground in the section of tripoli where the
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second blast occurred. >> two mosques were targeted in the northern city of tripoli. you can see the destruction and carnage behind me. people are angry. they are upset. now we believe that they were car bombs, and they went off almost simultaneously, and the worshippers were still in the mosque when the explosion went off. people here tell you that this is an attack -- or these attacks really targeted the sunni community. this is a predominantly a sunni city, and a city which you have sympathizers of the syrian opposition. many people will tell you these attacks are related to the crisis, to the war in neighboring syria, and what is dangerous is that they see a sunni community under attack, and it just comes just over a week after shiite civilians were
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targeted in beirut. we'll have much more coming up in this newscast on the syrian war, and you can follow the latest developments on our website, an emergency shutdown has been triggered at a nuclear plant. it happened affalo levels of radioactive water were found leaking overnight. officials say there is no threat to the public. the agency goes on to say the spill is contained. jurors have resumed deliberation in the court-martial of nidal hasan. he passed on his final chance to address the jury on thursday. he faces multiple murder charges for shooting 13 fellow soldiers
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at fort hood, texas in 2009. heidi is live at
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sglovrjs our -- >> our news coverage reveal more of america's stories. welcome back, let's recap our stop stories. the un says the there are now a million syrian children refugees. and two bombs went off outside of the northern city of tripoli in lebanon. there is no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. a jury has resumed deliberations in nidal hasan. he passed on his final chance to address the jury on thursday.
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he faces multiple murder charges. it's being called the friday of martyrs. demonstrations take place more than a week after hundreds of people were killed. jonathan betz is live from cairo to tell us more about what is happening. jonathan in fact how large and widespread have the protests actually ended up being? >> the protests were still large, richelle but not as large as we have seen in the past. today was a big test to see how much pressure they could apply on the current government. the resistance does continue but the numbers are not as large as what we have seen in the past, and part of the reason for that is what we have seen in the streets today.
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we tried to go to a square where one of the protests were planned, but the military has imposed barricades across the neighbor, surrounding the mosque and square. tanks block the street, so does barbed wire, so the protesters were simply not able to get to that square. so they moved to other parts of the city. but there is a real concern among a lot of protesters for more violence. we are seeing a big sign that they want to avoid violence. they are avoiding the sit-ins, the military is allowing the protests for the moment but they are not as large as they were in the past. >> so jonathan, looking forward what should be on our radar out
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of egypt? >> reporter: i'm so sorry, i had a hard time hearing that question, but i think you were asking about the mosque, is that correct? >> i was asking what should we be looking for next? what should be on our radar coming out of egypt? >> got it. yeah, there is a lot that can still happen. obviously the resistance continues. many members of the muslim brotherhood are going to call more protests. they have been holding them every single day since morsi was thrown from office six weeks ago. and the big question is hosni mubarak. he did not trigger the widespread anger that some were expecting today. part of that is because he is under house arrest in a military hospital not far from here. and he has other trials and
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cases hanging over his head. the soonest one is on sunday. and that trial picks up as i mentioned on sunday. richelle. >> all right. jonathan, thank you. israel retaliated against a cross-border rocket attack from lebanon. they bombed what they call a militant base in lebanon said to be used by allies of assad. police in india say there has been another gang rape in the country. the victim was a 22-year-old photo journalist. hundreds of people have gathered for protest. the attack comes less than a year after the death of another gang rape victim. >> reporter: yet another gang rape in india. this time a photo journalist was attacked while on assignment.
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her male colleague was tied and beaten while the young woman was raped. police have released sketches of the suspect. >> translator: around 20 teams were created by the officials. and we wondered who could go to such places. one of the suspected cull tr cull -- culprits has been arrested. >> reporter: this latest attack after a gang rape in new delhi that sparked major protests. opposition poll situations say little has changed. >> nobody is safe no women is safe. i don't know what is happening. there is no fear of law in the mind of people because they don't get furnished. they -- they get away with it.
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>> reporter: the residents are shocked by this attack. >> we prided ourselves in living in a very safe city, but nowadays what is happening is un-understandable to me. what is going through people's minds when they behave like this towards women, children, and other people? it is because there are too many people in the city? >> reporter: police have promised to throw their full weight behind the investigation as the young victim recovers in hospital. coming up on al jazeera, a march in washington. thousands are heading to our nation's capitol to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the i have a dream speech. and i'll have the national forecast coming up.
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welcome back. celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the march on washington kick uf tomorrow in the nation's capitol. on wednesday president obama will speak on the steps of the lincoln memorial, where martin luther king delivered his i have a dream speech. >> i have a dream, that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. [ cheers and applause ] >> i have a dream -- >> thousands are heading to the
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capitol to attend the rally. robert ray is joining some of those travelers on the road from tallahassee. >> reporter: good morning, richelle. a very steamy morning here. i feel like perhaps i should be dressed like these folks with t-shirts on. a they are stopping here for a quick break, and inspired by martin luther king. and one gentlemen i was talking to earlier, if you could come in here, sir. >> how are you doing. >> reporter: this is a member of the marine corps, inspired to come on this bus. why? >> well, i mean, i want to be a part of history. you can't forget, 50 years ago, martin luther king, the things that he did, and also john
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fkennedy right after that. and this is a part of history that i would like to relive. >> reporter: and you brought up an interesting point earlier to me, you said i'm on a bus with 60 african-americans, but you are not sure that that's a good thing. >> well, in some ways, it is not. we have three different -- we have one system, and we have three schools in that system, one from shreveport, batten rouge, and that's form. but we need to start looking for diversity. stop having just the black community, white community, or hispanic community. what is wrong with having just a community? >> reporter: there is a disconnect in america? >> yeah, but you have to be proactive -- this is my opinion -- you have to be proactive in diversity. the only time i really -- if i'm
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at work, i'm diverse. if i'm at the football game, i'm diverse. and everybody is having a grand old time until the game is over and until i get off work. >> reporter: and then everyone goes their separate ways. >> they go their separate ways. unless a calamity like katrina happens or something, then you are forced to be together. >> reporter: what is your inspiration for the weekend? >> well, it wasn't just martin luther king, it has been gandhi and jesus, people have been screaming this for a long time. my motivation is i want to observe and be a positive influence in any way i can, and i want to be able to learn something that i can give to my children, and be able to tell them firsthand like my parents told me first hand about the civil rights movement. >> reporter: excellent wisdom. thank you, sir.
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>> you have a good day. >> reporter: richelle what a great group. >> yeah, great stuff there, robert. thank you so much. i'm dave warren, we are just looking at the fire conditions out west. the weather not helping at all. the rim fire has really gone down from containment. it is about 1% contained now. it continues to spread. they are not making much progress there. no rain where we're seeing the rim fire. but these showers and storms developing are giving some light rain but also lightning, so they are watching that with the weather. there's a red flag warning in effect, because they really don't help. that rain is so slight, and the
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lightning could easily start more fires there in the pacific northwest. now looking at the south where there is too much rain. there are flood warnings in effect, and more rain is expected in the next 24 hours, right over areas that have had too much so far. the flood warnings will continue over the next 24 hours. atlanta seeing showers and storms today and tomorrow. it dries out though over the weekend. temperatures in the mid-80s. but at least we're drying out gating a little less rain here. here is some cooler air. you'll start to feel this coming down into chicago. so the northeast seeing cooler temperatures this weekend. before we see the temperature drop, though, it is warming up a bit, and we're dealing with some rain going through washington, d.c. >> all right. stay tuned for "the witness,"
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and be sure to visit thank you so much for your time. have a great day. ♪ >> muhammad shuvo is about to die.